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Baby Boy Shoes

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Children grow very fast and it is important to make sure that you always have shoes of the right size and that they are comfortable.  Baby’s foot is very soft and malleable at a young age and it is too easy to squash the foot into a shoe which may be unsuitable.  Baby boy shoes are available in many sizes and designs, and you will want to select the right shoes from the start.  The first baby boy shoes should allow little toes to grip the floor which teaches baby to balance.    The first steps baby takes are crucial for future development, and well fitting comfortable baby boy shoes play a part in this.   Baby’s foot is made up of many little bones and the ankles are not developed enough to be able to offer support at a very young age.  The feet and ankles and the way baby learns to walk will have a profound effect on baby’s overall structure as he develops. 

The very first baby boy shoes will protect baby’s feet if they are walking outside on rough ground.  Some mothers may decide that baby can go barefoot while in the house, but there are still things which could damage the foot.  Stubbing the toe or inadvertently kicking a piece of furniture are typical of what babies do, and going barefoot does not protect little toes being damaged.  There are some great baby boy shoes on the market which are suitable for indoors as well as outdoors. Soft leather baby shoes are ideal for baby’s first shoes.  Making sure that baby’s feet are comfortable is important or baby may keep removing them.  Check that the seams are not too rigid and that the stitching is firm and without loose ends which baby can play with. Babies are naturally curious, so baby boy shoes with pictures of boats and cars may keep baby interested for hours.  Inevitably the shoes will end up in baby’s mouth at some stage, so colours should not run or rub off.

Taking time to select the first baby boy shoes is important and should be researched carefully.  Sizing is calculated from baby’s age.  If baby is towards the upper end of the scale, it may be better to purchase the next size, providing it is not too big.

With so many designs to choose from, mothers may find it difficult to select good quality shoes which look nice.  Baby boy shoes may differ from shoes for girls as they may be plainer or in more masculine colours such as blue!  The internet is a great place to find suitable shoes, and there is a wider range on the web than in the high street stores.  It is easy to find and select baby boy shoes from the comfort of your own home.  One disadvantage is that the shoes cannot be tried on in advance and also the quality of the shoes cannot be checked.   If shoes are being sourced on line, the policy for returns should be checked so that there are no misunderstandings. 

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