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Posted by in on Mar 01, 2013 .


Children grow very quickly and it is important that their feet are allowed to develop so that they can support the body.  Choosing the first baby girl shoes is essential.  You should make sure that they do not pinch the soft feet and that seams do not rub.  Baby’s feet are very sensitive at a young age. They are very soft and malleable at a young age.  Toes must be allowed to grip the floor so check that the soles of the baby girl shoes are not too hard.  Little bones in the feet can become damaged easily and ankle bones should be allowed to grow and become stronger.  Baby girl shoes should not restrict growth but rather...

Posted by in on Feb 21, 2013 .


Children grow very fast and it is important to make sure that you always have shoes of the right size and that they are comfortable.  Baby’s foot is very soft and malleable at a young age and it is too easy to squash the foot into a shoe which may be unsuitable.  Baby boy shoes are available in many sizes and designs, and you will want to select the right shoes from the start.  The first baby boy shoes should allow little toes to grip the floor which teaches baby to balance.    The first steps baby takes are crucial for future development, and well fitting comfortable baby boy shoes play a part in this.   Baby’s foot is made...