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As parents you will be so amazed by how fast your baby is growing. If we had a penny for every time we’ve heard the phrase “They grow up so fast”…! During your baby’s first three years, they will grow at an incredibly rapid rate and the time will positively fly. This is the reason that babies’ first shoes are so important. These first three years will see your rugrat go from rolling to crawling, toddling to walking – it is vital to support their feet as they grow by choosing babies first shoes carefully.

Attention is usually focused on babies’ inquisitive eyes, grasping hands and developing teeth. But what attention is paid to their still-developing feet? Often far too little, especially considering these are the extremities that will carry the weight of their body through a lifetime. At Cutie Couture, we have developed our collection of first shoes for baby boys and girls to care for and support little feet as they take their first wriggles, tumbles and steps.

Why Are Babies First Shoes So Important?

Only a small percentage of the world's population is actually born with foot problems. Foot problems often arise later in life due to neglect and a lack of proper care during development earlier in life. During your child's first year, their feet will be incredibly soft and malleable. As such, any abnormal, repetitive pressures can easily cause the foot to become deformed. This is why foot specialists consider the first year to be the most important in the development of the feet. Of course, going barefoot is isn't always practical. When walking outside or on rough surfaces babies' feet need to be covered. Their soft, tender skin needs protection from the dangers of infection through accidental cuts and abrasion. This is when choosing the right first shoes for baby girls and boys becomes very important.

Soft soled baby shoes allow first-crawlers and first-walkers to grip the floor, helping them to grow strong ankles and develop flexible foot bones. The soft suede sole keeps them in close contact with the ground (great for balance) whilst protecting soft little feet from harsher surfaces. Cutie Couture babies’ first shoes create a strong foundation for the formation of muscles and bones throughout the whole of your little one’s growing body, especially the spinal column. A level pelvis and well-aligned spine depend upon healthy, happy feet – starting with infancy. To find your baby’s first shoes, explore the Cutie Couture collection today.